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Chrome Plating

Chrome plating is the process of applying a thin layer of chromium on a substrate (metal or alloy) through an electroplating process. In simpler terms, electroplating is achieved by passing an electrical charge between two electrodes which are saturated in a electrolyte bath comprised of a chromic acid solution. during the flow of electricity between the two electrodes, chromium atoms are deposited in a layer of the electrode to be plated. The finished product is mirror like chrome finish that has practical applications in the automotive, industrial, aerospace, and transportation fields. See test report here

What We Offer


  • Fully automated overhead hoist system can support a larger volume of products.
  • Our standard plating includes layers of copper, nickel, and chrome.
  • We offer both trivalent and hexavalent chroming baths.
  • Our nickel baths are 20 meters in length, allowing us to plate larger decorative and trim parts.


  • Our tanks are designed to handle a variety of products, from small and intricate trim pieces to large scale commercial truck grilles.
  • Supports plating on small parts with recessed parts and and designs.
  • Plating process can support a variety of finishes from micro porous to satin or polished chrome.
  • Our facility features a state of the art filtration system to ensure industrial stability.


We visually inspect every part that comes off the line to ensure the highest of standards. Our main program has enabled one customer to dominate their niche market and has enabled the same program to remain at the same vendor for over 8 years. We CASS test every day to ensure our parts will meet the warranty period of our customers. China Metal Solutions has our own polishing stations in-house which ultimately helps us to retain high yields at the chrome plating line.

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