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Metal Polishing

Some metal surfaces in various applications and industries require a smooth polished or mirror-like surface either as a finish or before plating. A combination of belt, orbital, and sanding wheels with compounds are used in the buffing and polishing process to achieve the desired finish.

Since 2007, CMS has been a trusted source of metal polishing and buffing. We’ve earned an impeccable reputation in the metal finishing industry from years of quality metal polishing and buffing workmanship, competitive pricing, and and industry leading turnaround times.

We Offer In-House Capabilities

Class 1

This is a high geared anodic finish that is mainly used for the exterior building products and other products that are continuously exposed to the outdoors. Class 1 is also more resistant to high traffic areas.

Class 2

A commercial anodic finish that is highly recommended for interior or light exterior applications. These exteriors usually receive regularly scheduled maintenance such as storefronts. It is not as durable or wear-resistant as Class 1.

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